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Sui Wallet | Sui wallet built for everyone

The open-source Sui Wallet gives Sui users the ability to create addresses, view and manage assets on the Sui network, and interact with dApps. The Sui Wallet is a reference implementation for other potential wallets and applications in the Sui ecosystem. Finally, it will showcase the newest and most unique Sui abilities. The Sui Wallet repository will act as an essential ecosystem enabler as Sui begins to support large-scale use cases, Move-powered ownership models, and features other skills only found in Sui.

Sui Wallet will adapt based on input from the developer community. Make sure to join our Sui Discord and provide feedback directly on the #General or #Suggestions channels.

Sending SUI tokens from a Sui Wallet will cost the blockchain platform fee in SUI.

Why choose Sui Wallet?

The path to Web3 adoption is genuinely an empowered developer community and ecosystem. The Sui team is building the best, high-performance blockchain for mass adoption – and the best ideas, apps, and businesses come from the community.

The Sui Wallet is an ecosystem education and support tool, not an actual wallet. We are open to cooperation and eager to see what our community will build. Current definitions of crypto wallets may need to be improved and optimized for rapid user adoption and large web2 migrations. As wallet builders start pushing for the following version, we also look forward to seeing what the Sui community dreams of.

Structure Sui wallet

Like most crypto wallets, Sui Wallet has 3 critical parts you must note:


You can use Sui Wallet to:

Basic Instructions
Install the Sui Wallet browser extension

To use Sui Wallet, you must install a Chrome browser extension. You can use the extension with any browser that supports Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

  1. Using a chromium-based browser, open the Sui Wallet page on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. Acknowledge the message about permissions for the extension, and then click Add Extension.


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